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Branding, Lifestyle, and Commercial Photography

Alkonost Lifestyle Photography

Communication is more than just our words and actions... it's also the way we present ourselves to the world. Often times, first impressions can happen virtually through online or social platforms and it's important that we consider the role our photos play in professional and personal relationships.

If a picture is "worth a thousand words" then it isn't so far-fetched that a doctor of words like myself has found a home behind the camera as easily as I flow behind a lectern. What started out as a hobby of food photography (perks of being the partner of a professional chef) spiraled into headshots, product shoots, and business & branding photos. Along with this skillset, it is my personal belief that photography should be accessible to everyone, which is why I have developed a series of offerings through Alkonost that allow for high-quality images at low-cost rates.

If you are looking to update your business page, renew your outdated headshots, or schedule a lifestyle shoot with friends and clients, then I'm the photographer for you!

Alkonost Lifestyle Photography: Services

Lifestyle + Branding Photography

Lifestyle + Branding photography is a catered experience to you and your brand. Taking the everyday experiences that make up your daily routine or business practices, these shoots are designed to elevate even the most mundane of tasks to an intriguing snapshot into your social and professional world!

Rates & Promotions

$150/hr FLAT RATE

Hospitality, Product, Lifestyle, & Branding

All non-headshot photoshoots will be billed by the hour, with a one hour minimum. After the first hour, the shoot is pro-rated by the half hour. Any travel that happens between locations during a shoot is not deducted from the time.

This $150/hr rate includes 20 images for the first hour + 10 images for each concurrent hour. Additional edited images are $5/photo.

125$ Headshots

Includes 10 edited headshots.

The headshot sessions are 30-40min. and will feature one location that has versatile (multiple) backdrops. This rate includes 10 images and an outfit change (optional). Additional edited images are $5/photo.

These headshot sessions can be more than just your average "head on" image... I pride myself on curating a creative shoot that will give you ten unique photos!

Alkonost Lifestyle Photography: Price List

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Alkonost Lifestyle Photography: Price Quote
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