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Individual and Relational Coaching

Educational and Therapeutic Support

Do you often find yourself in need of a sounding-board? Someone whose only objective is to help you walk through the conversations and relationships that shape your life? As your communication coach, you can process past, present, and future situations with me in a safe and rewarding environment.

Set up for weekly or bi-weekly plans, these coaching sessions will guide you through any season of life. Whether it be a navigating a career change, pursuing relational growth with your partner, or anything in between - these coaching sessions are meant to provide two things: (1) an educational sounding board for your ideas and thoughts and (2) professional and supportive advice for channeling your next step in communication growth and wellness. Depending on your needs and length of counsel desired, you can schedule a session in one of the following ways:
- Once a week for a minimum of four weeks ($30/session = $120 minimum)
- Once every two weeks for a minimum of eight weeks ($30/session = $120 minimum)

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Individual and Relational Coaching: Services
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